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SB (1964) Eleventh Chapter - Lord Krishna's Entrance in Dwarka

SB 1.11.1 (1964): The Lord on His reaching the border of His most prosperous metropolis known as the country of the Anartas (Dwarka) sounded His auspicious conchshell heralding His arrival and apparently pacifying the dejection of the inhabitants.

SB 1.11.2 (1964): The white and fat boweled conchshell being gripped by the hand of Lord Krishna and thus being sounded by Him, appeared to be reddendd by the touch of His lips transcendental and it seemed that a white swan was playing in the net work of the stem of red lotus flour.

SB 1.11.3 (1964): The citizens of Dwarka having heard that sound which threatens fear personified of the material existence, began to run fast towards Him just to have a long desired audience of the Lord who is the protector of all devotees.

SB 1.11.4-5 (1964): The citizens arrived before the Lord with their respective presentation for the fully satisfied, self sufficient by His own potency and one who supplies incessantly for others. The presentation was compared with the lamp in the matter of worshipping the Sun. But they began to speak for receiving the Lord in ecstatic language just like the wards welcome the guardian and the father.

SB 1.11.6 (1964): Oh Lord You are worshipped by all demigods like Brahma, the four Sanas or even the king of heaven. And You are the ultimate rest for those who are really aspirant to achieve the highest benefit of life. You are the Supreme Lord transcendental and the inevitable time cannot exert its influenee upon You.

SB 1.11.7 (1964): Oh the Creator of the Universe, You are our mother, well wisher, Lord, Father, the spiritual master and the worshipable deity. And by following Your footprints we have just become successful in every respect. We pray therefore that You may continue to bless us with Your mercy.

SB 1.11.8 (1964): Oh it is our goodluck that we have today become again under the protection of our Lord by Your presence; although Your Lordship is rarely visited even by the denizens of heaven. Now it will be possible for us to look unto Your smiling face full of affectionate observance. We can see now Your transcedental Form full of all auspiciousness.

SB 1.11.9 (1964): Oh my Lord the lotus-eyed, whenever You go away to Mathura-Vrindaban or to Hastinapur for meeting Your friends and relatives, every moment of the period of Your absence becomes a duration of millions of years. Oh the infallible, at that time our eyes become useless as it is in the absence of the sun.

SB 1.11.10 (1964): Oh our Master, if You live abroad for all the time, then we are unable to look at Your attractive face with smile of full satisfaction and thus You vanquish all our sufferings. How then we can exist without Your presence. The Lord who is very kind to the citizens and to the devotees thus hearing the speeches of them entered in to the city of Dwarka and acknowledged all their greetings with His transcendental glance over them.

SB 1.11.11 (1964): Dwarkapuri was being protected by the descendants of Vrishni such as Bhoja, Madhu, Dasarha, Arha, Kukur, Andhak, etc. who were equally strong like Himself (Lord Krishna) as much as the capital of Nagaloka, Bhogavati is protected by the Nagas.

SB 1.11.12 (1964): The city of Dwarka Puri was full of all opulences of all seasons. There were auspicious hermitages, orchards, flower gardens and parks as well as good reservoirs of water breeding places of lotus, all over the place.

SB 1.11.13 (1964): The city gateway, the household doors and temporary decorated arches on the roads all were nicely decorated with festive signs like plantain trees, leaves of mango-tree for welcoming the Lord. Flags festoons and painted slogan signs all combined together checked sunshine coming inside.

SB 1.11.14 (1964): The high ways, the subways, the lanes, the market place and public meeting places all were thoroughly cleansed and then moistened with scented water. And for welcoming the Lord everywhere fruits, flowers and unbroken seeds were strewn over.

SB 1.11.15 (1964): In each and every door of the residential houses auspicious things like curd, unbroken fruits, sugarcane and full water-pots with things for worshipping along with incense and candles all were readily displayed.

SB 1.11.16 (1964): On hearing that dear most Krishna is approaching Dwarkadhama, magnanimous Vasudeva, Akrura, Ugrasena and Valarama the superhumanly powerful.

SB 1.11.17 (1964): Pradyuma, Charudesna and Samba the son of Jambavati all of them being influenced by the force of extreme happiness, gave up their lying down, sitting up and dinning at respectively.

SB 1.11.18 (1964): They hastened towards the Lord on chariots with Brahmins bearing signs of auspiciousness like flowers etc. putting in front the elephants the emblem of auspiciousness. At that time sounds of conchshell and bugles were heard along with the chanting of Vedic hymns and by this they became respectful saturated with affection.

SB 1.11.19 (1964): At the same time many hundreds of well known prostitutes who were very much eager to meet the Lord and whose beautiful faces were decorated with dazzling earrings increasing the beauty of their foreheads,-all began to proceed on different vehicles.

SB 1.11.20 (1964): Expert dramaticians, artists, dancers, singers, professional historians, professional genealogists, professional learned speakers, all of them ejaculating their respective demonstrations began to act on the superhuman pastimes of the Lord and thus began to proceed on and on.

SB 1.11.21 (1964): Lord Krishna, the Personality of Godhead, offered each and everyone of the friends, relatives, citizens and all who approached Him there to receive and welcome Him, their due honour and respects, by going forward nearer to them.

SB 1.11.22 (1964): The Almighty Lord greeted everyone present either by bowing down His head, by exchange of greeting words, by embracing, by hand shaking, by looking on with smiling face, by assurance and by awarding benedictions as desired by up to the fifth grade of population.

SB 1.11.23 (1964): Thereafter the Lord personally entered the city accompanied by elderly relatives and invalid brahmins with their wives offering benedictions and singing glories of the Lord as well as others who were also praising the glories of the Lord.

SB 1.11.24 (1964): When Lord Krishna was passsing over the public roads, all the ladies of respectable families at Dwarka got up on the roof of their respective palaces just to have a look upon the Lord which they considered as the greatest festival.

SB 1.11.25 (1964): The inhabitants of Dwarka were regularly accustomed to look upon the body-reservoir of all beauty of the infallible Lord and inspite of that they were never satiated.

SB 1.11.26 (1964): The Lord's chest is the residential place of the Goddess of Fortune, His moon like face is the drinking pot of the eyes which hanker after all beautiful, His arms are the resting place for the administrative demigods and His lotus feet are the resting place for the pure devotees who never talk or sing on any subject except His Lordship.

SB 1.11.27 (1964): The Lord while passing through the public road of Dwarka His head was protected from sun-shine by a white umbrella, white bunch-hair flukes were moving by semicircle, showers of flowers were falling on the road. Added with these His yellow garments and garlands of flowers all together appeared as if the dark cloud in the sky was surrounded simultaneously by the sun, the moon, the rainbow and the lightening all at once.

SB 1.11.28 (1964): After entering the house of His father, He was embraced by the mothers present and the Lord offered His obeisances unto them by placing His head on the feet of the mothers headed by Devaki (His real mother).

SB 1.11.29 (1964): The mothers after embracing the son, got Him on the lap and due to being moistened by pure affection, milk sprang out of their respective breast and being overwhelmed by delight wetted the Lord by water out of the tears from the eyes.

SB 1.11.30 (1964): Thereafter the Lord entered His palaces which were perfect to the fullest extent and where lived His wives numbering over and above (108) sixteen thousand (i.e. 16108)

SB 1.11.31 (1964): The queens of Lord Sri Krishna developed a sense of joyful ceremony within the mind by seeing their husband back to home after a long period of absence abroad. They got up at once from their seats and meditation of being separated along with a vow of social custom and for doing so they covered their face with shyness as if looking stealthily.

SB 1.11.32 (1964): The insuperable ecstasy was so strong that the queens who were compact in shyness, first of all embraced the Lord by the innermost part of the heart, then by the sight and then by the sons (which is equal to personal embracing). But oh the chief amongst the Bhrigus, although they choked up the feeling still inadvertently the tears glided down in drops.

SB 1.11.33 (1964): Although Lord Sri Krishna was constantly by their side as well as exclusively in a lonely place, still His feet appeared to them newer and newer. The Goddess of Fortune although by nature is always restless and moving from one place to another, still she could not quit the Lord's feet and then which woman can be detached from that feet if once taken shelter of?

SB 1.11.34 (1964): The Lord thus became pacified after killing the kings born as burden of the earth puffed up by military strength such as horses, elephants, chariots, infantry etc. He Himself was not a party of such fight between the kings but He caused hostility between the powerful administrators who fought amongst themselves as the air creates intercollision between the pipe plants and evolves fire out of it and thus the air pacified.

SB 1.11.35 (1964): That Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna out of His causeless mercy by internal potency, appeared on this planet of human beings and enjoyed amongst the competent women as it were mundane affairs.

SB 1.11.36 (1964): Although the queen's beautiful smiling and looking on from the corner of the eyelids were all spotless exciting and grave which could have conquered even the cupid personally because he gave up his bows in frustration (or even the tolerant Shiva also became a victim) still by all these magical feats of attractive features, they could hardly agitate the senses of the Lord.

SB 1.11.37 (1964): The common materialistic conditioned souls or men do speculate within the mind that the Lord is one of them, out of foolish ignorance, taking the Lord as affected in matter although He is non-attached.

SB 1.11.38 (1964): This is the divinity of the Personality of Godhead that He is not affected by the qualities of the material nature even though He is in contact with her as the devotees who have taken the shelter of the lord do not become influenced by such qualities.

SB 1.11.39 (1964): The simple and delicate women thought it as truth that Lord Sri Krishna their beloved husband, is a follower and dominated by them; because unware of the extent of glories of their husband as the atheistic speculators are on the matter of the Supreme Controller.