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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT No. 32

Tam atmajair dristibhir antaratmana Durantabhava parirebhire patim. Nirudham api asru badambu netrayor Vilajjatinam bhrtguvarya baikalavat.


Tam—Him, (the Lord) Atmajair—by the sons, Drisribhir—by the sight, Antaratmana—by the innermost of the heart, Durantabhava—insuperable ecstasy, Parirebhire—embraced, Patim—husband, Niruddham—chocked up, Api—inspite of, Asru—tears, Badambu—like drops of water, Netrayor—from the eyes, Vilajjatinam—of those compact in shyness. Bhriguvarya—oh the chief of the Bhrigus, Baiklavat—inadvertently.


The insuperable ecstasy was so strong that the queens who were compact in shyness, first of all embraced the Lord by the innermost part of the heart, then by the sight and then by the sons (which is equal to personal embracing). But oh the chief amongst the Bhrigus, although they choked up the feeling still inadvertently the tears glided down in drops.


Although due to faminine shyness there were many hindrances in the act of embracing the dear husband Lord Shri Krishna, the queens performed that act of embracing by seeing, by putting in the core of the heart, by causing embrace of the sons and still the act remained unfinished and tears rolled down the cheeks inspite of all endeavour to choke them up. Indirect embrace of the husband is to do it by the son because the son is developed as part of the mother's body. The embrace of the son is not exactly the embrace of husband and wife from the sexrelative point of view, but the embrace is satisfaction of the affectional point of view. Rather the embrace of the eyes is more effective from the conjugal relation and thus according to Sri Jiva Goswami there was nothing wrong in such exchange of feeling between husband and wife.

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