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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT No. 17

Pradyumna charudesnas cha sambo jambavatisutah Praharsa vegochchasita sayana asana bhodanah.


Pradyumas—of the name, Charudesnas—of the name, Cha—and, Sambho—of the name, Jambavatisnta—son of Jambavati, Praharsa—extreme happiness, Vego—force, Uchchhasita—being influenced by, Sayana—lying down, Asana—sitting on, Bhojana—dinning at.


Pradyuma, Charudesna and Samba the son of Jambavati all of them being influenced by the force of extreme happiness, gave up their lying down, sitting up and dinning at respectively.


Pradyumna:- Incarnation of Kamadeva or according to other incarnation of Sanatkumar born as the son of the Personality of Godhead Lord Sri Krishna and Laksmidevi Srimati Rukmini the principal queen at Dwarka. He was one of those who went to congratulate Arjuna-while marrying Subhadra. He was one of the great generals who fought with Salya and while fighting with him he became unconscious in the battlefield. His charioteer brought him back in the camp from the battlefield and for this action he was too much sorry and he rebuked his charioteer. However, he fought again with Salya and was victorious. He heard all about the different demigods from Naradji. He is one of the four plenary expansions of Lord Sri Krishna. He is the third one. He enquired from the father Sri Krishna about the glories of the Brahmins. During the fratricidal war amongst the descendants of Yadu, he died at the hand of Bhoja another king of the Vrishnis. After his death he was installed at his original position.

Charudesna:- Another son of Lord Sri Krishna and Rukminidevi. He was also present during the Sayamvara ceremony of Droupadi. He was a great warrior like his brothers and father. He fought with Vivindhak and killed him in the fight.

Samba:- One of the great heroes of the Yadu dynasty and the son of Lord Sri Krishna by His wife Jambavati. He learnt the military art of throwing arrows from Arjuna and mostly he used to become the member of parliament during the time of Maharaj Yudhisthir. He was present during the Rajsuya Yajna of Maharaj Yudhisthir. When all the Vrishnis were assembled during the time of Pravash Yajna, his glorious activities were narrated by Satyaki before Lord Valadeva. He was also present along with his father Lord Sri Krishna during the Aswmedh Yajna performed by Yudhisthir. He was presented before some Rishis falsely dressed as a pregnant woman by his brothers and in fun asked the Rishis what she was going to deliver. The Rishis replied that he would deliver a lump of iron which will be the cause of fratricidal war in the family of Yadu. The next day in the morning Samba delivered a large lump of iron which was entrusted with Ugrasen for necessary action. Actually later on there was the foretold fratricidal war and Samba died in that war.

So all these sons of Lord Krishna hastened towards their Father leaving aside all engagements even lying down, sitting or dinning and left their respective palaces to meet the exhalted Father.

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