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SB 1.11.16 (1964)

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT No. 16

Nisamya prestham ayantam Vasudeva mahamanah Akrura ugrasenasha cha ramas cha adbhuta vikramah.


Nishamya—just hearing, Prestham—the dearmost, Ayantam—coming home, Vasudeva—the father of Krishna, Mahamanah—the magnanimous, Akrura—of the name, Ugrasena—of the name, Cha—and, Ramas—Valaram (elder brother of Krishna) Adbhut—superhuman, Vikramah—prowess.


On hearing that dear most Krishna is approaching Dwarkadhama, magnanimous Vasudeva, Akrura, Ugrasena and Valarama the superhumanly powerful.


Vasudeva: son of King Surasen, husband of Devaki and father of Lord Sri Krishna. He is the brother of Kunti and father of Subhadra. Subhadra was married with her cousin brother Arjuna, and the system is still prevalent in some parts of India. Vasudeva was appointed Minister of Ugrasena and later on he married eight daughters of Ugrasen's brother Devak. Devaki is one of them only. Kansa was his brother-in-law and Vasudeva accepted voluntary imprisonment by Kansa on mutual agreement for delivering the eighth son of Devaki which was foiled by the Will of Krishna. As uncle (maternal) of the Pandavas, he took active parts in the matter of purificatory process of the Pandavas. He sent for the priest Kashyapa at the Satasringa Parvat and he executed the functions. When Krishna appeared within the bars of Kansa's prison house, He was transferred to Gokula by Vasudeva at the house of Nanda Maharaj the foster father of Krishna. Krishna disappeared along with Valadeva prior to the disappearance of Vasudeva and Arjuna (his nephew) undertook the charge of the funeral ceremony after his disappearance.

Akrura: The commander-in-chief of the Vrishni dynasty and a great devotee of Lord Krishna. Akrura attained success in the matter of devotional service of the Lord by one single process of Prayers. He was the husband of Sutani daughter of Ahuka. He supported Arjuna when Arjuna took Subhadra forcibly away by the will of Krishna. Both Krishna and Akrur went to see Arjuna after his successful expedition of planned kidnapping of Subhadra. Both of them presented dowries to Arjuna after this incidence. Akrura was present also when Abhimanyu the son of Subhadra was married with Uttara mother of Maharaj Parikshit. Ahuka the father-in-law of Akrura was not in good terms with Akrura. But both of them were devotees of the Lord.

Ugrasena: One of the powerful kings of the Vrishny dynasty and cousin brother of Maharaj Kuntibhoja. His another name is Ahuka. His minister was Vasudeva and his son was the powerful Kansa. This Kansa imprisoned his father and himself became the king of Mathura. By the Grace of Lord Krishna and His brother Lord Valadeva this Kansa was killed and Ugrasena was reinstalled on the throne. When Salya attacked the city of Dwarka, Ugrasena fought very valiantly and repulsed the enemy. Ugrasena enquired from Naradji about the divinity of Lord Krishna. When Yadu dynasty was to be vanquished Ugrasena was entrusted with the iron lump produced from the womb of Samba. He made the iron lump into pieces and then pasted it and mixed up with the sea water on the coast of Dwarka. After this he ordered for complete prohibition within the city of Dwarka and the kingdom. He got salvation after his death.

Valadeva: He is the Divine son of Vasudeva by his wife Rohini. He is also known as Rohininandan the beloved son of Rohini. He was also entrusted with Nanda Maharaj along with His mother Rohini when Vasudeva embraced imprisonment by mutual agreement with Kansa. So Nanda Maharaj is also the foster father of Valadeva along with Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna and Lord Valadeva both were constant companion from very childhood although they were step-brothers. He is plenary manifestation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and therefore He is as good and powerful as Lord Krishna. He belongs to the Vishnu-tatwa (the principle of Godhead). He attended the Sayamvara ceremony of Droupadi along with Shri Krishna. When Subhadra was kidnapped by Arjuna by the organised plan of Shri Krishna, Valadeva was too much angry with Arjuna and wanted to kill him at once. Shri Krishna for the sake of His dear friend fell on the feet of Lord Valadeva and implored Him not to be so angry. Sri Valadeva was thus satisfied. Similarly He was once very angry with the Kouravas and He wanted to throw away the whole city in the depth of Jamuna. But the Kouravas satisfied Him by surrendering unto His Divine Lotus feet. He was actually the seventh son of Devaki prior to the birth of Lord Krishna but by the Will of the Lord He was transferred in the womb of Rohini to save from the wrath of Kansa. His another name is therefore Samkarsan who is also the plenary portion of Sri Valadeva. Because He was as powerful as Lord Krishna and He can bestow spiritual power to the devotees, therefore, He is known as Valadeva. In the Vedas also it is enjoined that nobody can know the Supreme Lord without being favored by this Valadeva. Vala means spiritual strength and not physical. Some less intelligent person interprets Vala as the strength of the body. But nobody can have spiritual realisation by physical strength. Physical strength ends with the end of the physical body but spiritual strength follows the spirit soul to the next transmigration and therefore the strength obtained by Valadeva is never wasted. The strength is eternal and as such Valadeva is the original spiritual Master of all devotees.

Sri Valadeva was also a class-friend of Lord Sri Krishna as students of the Sandipani Muni. In His childhood He killed many Ashuras along with Sri Krisnna and specifically He killed the Dhenukrsura at Talavana. During the Kurukshetra battle He remained neutral and He tried His best not to bring about the fight. He was in favor of Duryodhona but still He remained neutral. When there was club-fight between Duryodhona and Bhimasena He was present on the spot. He was angry upon Bhimasena when the latter struck Duryodhona on the thigh or below the belt and He wanted to retaliate the unfair action. Lord Sri Krishna saved Bhima from His wrath. But He left the place at once being disgusted upon Bhimsena and after His departure Duryodhnona fell on ground to meet his death. The funeral ceremony of Abhimanyu the son of Arjuna was performed by Him as He was the maternal uncle. It was impossible to be performed by anyone of the Pandavas who were all overwhelmed with grief. At the last stage He departed from this world by manifesting a great white snake from His mouth and thus He was carried by Shesanaga in the shape of serpent.