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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT No. 21

Bhagawans tatra bandhunam pouranan anuvartinam Yathabidhi upasamgamya sarvesam manam adadhe.


Bhagwan—Sri Krishna the Personality of Godhead, Tatra—in that place, Bandhunam—of the friends and relatives, Pouranam—of the citizens, Anavartinam—those who approached Him to receive and welcome, Yathabidhi—as it behoves, Upasamgmaya—going forward nearer, Sarvesam—for each and everyone, Manam—houour and respects, Adadhe—offered.


Lord Krishna, the Personality of Godhead, offered each and everyone of the friends, relatives, citizens and all who approached Him there to receive and welcome Him, their due honour and respects, by going forward nearer to them.


The Supreme Lord Personality of Godhead is neither impersonal nor an inert object unable to reciprocate the feelings of His Devotees. Here the word Yathabidhi or 'just as it behoves' is significant. He reciprocates 'just as it behoves' with His different types of admirers and devotees. Of course, the pure devotees are of one type only because they have no other object for service except the Lord and therefore the Lord also reciprocates with such pure devotees just as it behoves namely He is always attentive on all matters of His pure devotees. There are others also who designate Him as impersonal and then the Lord also does not take any personal interest. He satisfies everyone in terms of one's development of spiritual consciousness and a sample of such reciprocation is exhibited here with His different welcomers.

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