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SB 1.11.22 (1964)

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT No. 22

Prahva abhivadana ashlesa karasparsa smitekshanaih Aswasya cha aswapakebhyo varais cha abhimatair bibhuh.


Prahva—bowing down by the head, Abhivadana—obeisances by words, Ashlesa—embracing, Karasparsa—shaking hands with, Smitekshanaih—by glancing with smile, Aswasya—by encouragement, Cha—and, Aswapakebhyo—up to the lowest rank of the dog eaters, Varais—by benedictions, Cha—also, Abhimatair—as desired by, Bibhuh—the Almighty.


The Almighty Lord greeted everyone present either by bowing down His head, by exchange of greeting words, by embracing, by hand shaking, by looking on with smiling face, by assurance and by awarding benedictions as desired by up to the fifth grade of population.


To receive the Lord Sri Krishna there were all grades of population beginning from Vasudeva, Ugrasena, Garga Muni, etc. i.e. the father, grand father, teacher etc. down to the prostitutes and Chandalas who are accustomed to eat dogs. And everyone of them were properly greeted by the Lord in terms of rank and position. As pure living entities all are the separated parts and parcels of the Lord and as such nobody is alien by His eternal relation. Such pure living entities are graded differently in terms of contamination of the modes of material nature; but the Lord is equally affectionate to all His parts and parcels inspite of material gradation. He descends only to recall back these materialistic living beings back to His Kingdom and intelligent persons take advantage of this facility offered by the Personality of Godhead to all living beings. Nobody is rejected by the Lord for being accepted in the Kingdom of God and it remains with the living being to accept this or not.