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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT No. 23

Swayam cha gurubhir vipraih sadaraih sthavirair api. Ashrirbhir yujyamano' nyair vandibhis cha abisat puram.


Swayam—Himself, Cha—also, Gurubhir—by eldely relatives, Vipraih—by the brahmins, Sadaraih—along with their wives, Sthavirair—invalid, Api—also, Ashirbhir—by the blessings of, Yujyamano—being praised by, Anyair—by others, Vandibhis—admirers, Cha—and, Abisat—entered, Purim—the city.


Thereafter the Lord personally entered the city accompanied by elderly relatives and invalid brahmins with their wives offering benedictions and singing glories of the Lord as well as others who were also praising the glories of the Lord.


The Brahmins of the society were never attentive in the matter of banking money for future retired life. When they were old and invalid they used to approach the assembly of the kings and simply by praising the glorious deeds by the kings, along with their wives, the state would provide them with all necessities of life. Such Brahmins were not so to say the flatterers of the kings but the kings were actually glorious by their actions and they were sincerely still more encouraged in the pious acts by such Brahmins in a dignified way. Lord Sri Krishna is worthy of all glories and the praying Brahmins and others were glorified themselves by chanting the glories of the Lord.

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