SB (1964) Twelfth Chapter - Birth of Emperor Parikshit

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SB 1.12.1 (1964): The sage Sounaka said, The womb of Uttara mother of Maharaj Parikshit was spoiled by the dreadful and invincible weapon known as Brahmastra which was released by Aswathwama; but Maharaj Parikshit was saved by the Supreme Lord.

SB 1.12.2 (1964): How in that womb, the great Emperor Parikshit, who was highly intelligent and a great devotee,-was born and how his death took place and what did he achieve after his death?

SB 1.12.3 (1964): We are all very much respectful in the matter of hearing about him (Maharaj Parikshit) who was imparted knowledge transcendental by Sukadeva Goswami and as such if you please speak on the matter.

SB 1.12.4 (1964): Emperor Yudhisthir administered the prosperity of all who took birth during his reign, exactly like the father, without any personal ambition and being freed from all sorts of sense gratifications on account of continuous service unto the Lotus Feet of the Lord Shri Krishna.

SB 1.12.5 (1964): Worldly possessions of Maharaj Yudhisthir, his sacrifices by which he would attain better destination, his queen, his stalwart brothers, his extensive land, his sovereinty over the earth planet and his fame etc. all informations reached even the celestial planets.

SB 1.12.6 (1964): Oh the Brahmins! the opulence of the king was so much enchanting that the denizens of the heaven did aspire after them. But because he was absorbed in the service of the Lord nothing could satisfy him except the Lord's service.

SB 1.12.7 (1964): Oh the son of Bhrigu (Sounaka) while the child Parikshit the great fighter was lying down in the womb of his mother Uttara, and was suffering the burning heat from the Brahmastra (thrown by the Aswatthama) at that time he could observe the Supreme Lord as some body come.

SB 1.12.8 (1964): That some body, just by the measure of a thumb but all transcendental, who had very beautiful blackish infallible body with dress of lightening yellow and putting on a helmet of blazing gold, was seen by the child.

SB 1.12.9 (1964): He saw the Lord with enriched four hands, earrings of molten gold, eyes with redness of blood being furious and with club constantly encircling like the shooting star, loitering all around his person.

SB 1.12.10 (1964): The Lord thus being engaged in the matter of vanishing the radiation of the Brahmastra just like the sun does act upon the drops of dew, He was observed by the child who thought it as to who was He.

SB 1.12.11 (1964): The Supreme Lord Personality of Godhead supersoul of everyone and the protector of the righteous, while thus being observed by him, became at once out of sight even though He is dressed by all directions and without being limited by time and space.

SB 1.12.12 (1964): Thereupon when all good signs of the constellation of stellar influenee became gradually evolved the heir apparent of Pandu exactly like him in prowess took birth.

SB 1.12.13 (1964): The King Yudhisthir who was very much satisfied by the birth of Maharaj Parikshit got performed the purificatory process of birth and recitation of auspicious hymns by the learned Brahmins headed by Dhoumya and Kripa.

SB 1.12.14 (1964): Thus on the occasion of giving in charity to the Brahmins on account of birth of a son, the King who knew it how, where and when charity is to be given, gave in charity to the Brahmins, gold, land, villages, elephants, horses, and good food grains.

SB 1.12.15 (1964): The learned brahmins, who were very much satisfied with the charities of the king, addressed the king as the chief amongst the purus and informed him to say "this son in the chain of descendental line of the purus."

SB 1.12.16 (1964): This spotless son is restored by the all powerful and all pervasive Lord Vishnu (the Personality of Godhead) for the sake of obliging you, when he was enforced to destruction by the irresistible super natural weapon.

SB 1.12.17 (1964): "For this reason this child will be well known in the world as one who is protected by the Personality of Godhead and as such there is no doubt about it oh the greatest fortunate, that this child will become a first-grade devotee and qualified with all good qualities".

SB 1.12.18 (1964): The all good King enquired, "Oh the geat souls, will he become as saintly a king, pious by the very name and famous and glorified by achievements, as those who appeared in this great royal family?"

SB 1.12.19 (1964): The learned Brahmins said, "Oh the son of Pritha this child shall be exactly like the King Ikshaku son of Manu in the matter of maintaining all those who are born in the matter of following the Brahminical principles specially to be true to one's promise, he shall be exactly like Rama the Personality of Godhead, the son of Maharaj Dasarath".

SB 1.12.20 (1964): This child will be a munificent donor of charity and protector of the surrendered, like the famous King Sivih of the Ushinar country and will expand the name and fame of his family like Bharata the son of Maharaj Duswanta.

SB 1.12.21 (1964): Amongst the great bowmen this child will be as foreman like the Arjunas. He will be as irresistible as the fire and as unsurpassable as the ocean.

SB 1.12.22 (1964): This child will be as strong as the lion and worthy of being shelter like the Himalaya mountains. He will be forbearing like the earth and tolerant like the parents.

SB 1.12.23 (1964): This child shall be like his grand father Yudhisthir or Brahma in the matter of equanimity of the state of mind, munificent like the Lord of the Kailash Hill Shiva and resort of everyone like the Supreme Personality of Godhead Narayana Who is shelter of even the goddess of fortune.

SB 1.12.24 (1964): This child will almost be as good as Lord Shri Krishna by following His foot prints and by magnanimity he will become as good as king Rantideva while in religiosity he will be like Maharaj Yayati.

SB 1.12.25 (1964): This child will be like Vali maharaj in the matter of patience, a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna like Prahlad Maharaj, a performer of many a aswamedha sacrifices and a follower of the old and experienced men.

SB 1.12.26 (1964): This child will be the father of kings like Sages, chastiser of the-up starts, molester of the quarrelsome for world peace and for the sake of religiosity.

SB 1.12.27 (1964): After hearing about his death from the bite of a snake-bird sent by one son of a Brahmin, he will get himself freed from all material attachment and surrender unto the Personality of Godhead to take His shelter.

SB 1.12.28 (1964): Thus after enquiring from the great philospher son of Vyasadeva about the right knowledge of his ownself he, shall achieve the life of fearlessness after quitting this material attachment.

SB 1.12.29 (1964): The persons who were expert in the knowledge of astrology and in the performance of birth ceremony thus instructed the King Yudhisthira about the future history of the child and being sumptuously remunerated all of them went back to their respectivc home.

SB 1.12.30 (1964): He should become famous in this world as Parikshit (examiner) on account of his examining all human beings whether he is that personality whom he saw before his birth and thus constantly contemplating on Him.

SB 1.12.31 (1964): As the moon in its growing fortnight develops day after day so the royal prince very soon developed luxuriantly with all plenary facilities from the care taker guardian grand-fathers.

SB 1.12.32 (1964): Just at this time the king Yudhisthira was contemplating of performing horse sacrifice ceremony to get free from the sins of fight. with kinsmen. But he became anxious to get some wealth as there was no surplus fund except tax collection and realisation of fines.

SB 1.12.33 (1964): Understanding the hearty wishes of the King, his brothers as advised by the infallible Lord Krishna,-brought about sufficient riches, collecting from the northern direction (left by King Marutta).

SB 1.12.34 (1964): By that riches he could collect the ingredients of three sacrifices in which horses are offered and the pious king Maharaj Yudhisthira who was very much afraid after the battle of Kurukshetra thus pleased the Lord Hari Personality of Godhead.

SB 1.12.35 (1964): Lord Sri Krishna the Personality of Godhead thus being invited by Maharaj Yudhisthira on the occasion of the above mentioned sacrifices, had caused them performed by qualified twice-borns and after that for the pleasure sake of relatives, the Lord remained there for a few months.

SB 1.12.36 (1964): Oh Sounaka the Brahmin, thereafter the Lord having bidden farewell with the King Yudhisthir, Droupadi and other relatives, started for the city of Dwarka accompanied by Arjuna and other members of the Yadu dynasty.

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