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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT No. 30

Atha avishat swabhavanam sarva kamamanuttamam Prasada yatra patninam sahasrani cha sodasam.


Atha—thereafter, Avishat—entered, Swabhavanam—personal palaces, Sarva—all, Kamam—desires, anuttamam—perfect to the fullest extent, Prasada—palaces, Yatra—where, Patninam—of the wives numbering, Sahasrani—thousands, cha—over and above, Sodasam—sixteen.


Thereafter the Lord entered His palaces which were perfect to the fullest extent and where lived His wives numbering over and above (108) sixteen thousand (i.e. 16108)


Lord Krishna had sixteen thousand one hundred and eight wives and for each and everyone of them there was a fully equipped palace complete with necessary compound and gardens in each of them. Full description of these palaces are given in the 10th canto. All the palaces were made of best marble stones illuminated by set up jewels covered by curtains and carpets of velvet and silk nicely bedecked with and embroidered by gold laces. The Personality of Godhead means full with all power, full with all energy, full with all opulences, all beauties, all knowledge and all renunciation also. As such in the palaces of the Lord there was nothing wanting for fulfilling all desires of the Lord. The Lord is unlimited and therefore His desires are also unlimited and the supply is also unlimited. Everything being unlimited it is shortly described here as Sarva kamam or full with all desirable equipments.

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