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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT No. 29

Tah putram ankam aropya snehasnutapayodharah Harsa Vihvalitatmanahsisichur netrajair jalaih.


Tah—all of them, Putram—the son, Ankam—the lap, Aropya—having placed on, Snehasnutah—moistened by affection, Payodhar—breast filled up, Harsa—delight, Vihvalitatmanah—overwhelmed by, Sisichur—wetted, Netrajair—from the eyes, Jalaih—water.


The mothers after embracing the son, got Him on the lap and due to being moistened by pure affection, milk sprang out of their respective breast and being overwhelmed by delight wetted the Lord by water out of the tears from the eyes.


When Lord Krishna was at Vrindaban even the cows would become moistened by affection towards Krishna and He would draw milk from the nipples of the natural affection of every living being for Krishna and what to speak of the step-mothers who were already as good as His own mother.

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