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SB 1.11.4-5 (1964)

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXTS No.'s 4 & 5

Tatra upanita valayo raver dipam ina adritam Atmaramam purnakamam nijalavena nityada

Priti utphullamukhah prachur harsa gadgadaya gira Pitaram sarva suhridam avitara iva arbhakah.


Tatra—thereupon, Upanita—having offered, Valayo—presentation, Raver—upto the sun, Dipam—lamp, Iva—like, Adritah—being evaluated, Atmaramam—unto the self-sufficient, Purnakamam—fully satisfied, Nijalabhena—by His own potenicies, Nityada—one who supplies incessantly, Priti—affection, Utphullamukha—cheerful faces, Prachur—said, Harsa—gladdened, Gadgadaya—ecstatic, Gira—speeches, Pitaram—unto the father, Sarva—all, Suhridam-friend, Avitaram—the guardian, Iva—like, Arbhakah—wards.


The citizens arrived before the Lord with their respective presentation for the fully satisfied, self sufficient by His own potency and one who supplies incessantly for others. The presentation was compared with the lamp in the matter of worshipping the Sun. But they began to speak for receiving the Lord in ecstatic language just like the wards welcome the guardian and the father.


The Supreme Lord Krishna is described herein as Atmarama. He is self-sufficient and there is no need for Him to seek happiness from anything beyond Himself. He is self sufficient because His very transcendental existence is all round bliss. He is eternally existent; He is all cognisant and all blissful. Therefore, any presentation, however valuable it may be, has no necessity for Him. But still because He is a well wisher for one and all, He accepts from everyone everything which is offered to Him in pure devotional service. It is not that He is in want for such things because the things are themselves generated from His energy. The comparison is made herein that it is something like offering a lamp in the matter of worshipping the Sun god. Anything firy and illuminating is but emanation from the energy of the Sun and yet for worshipping the Sungod there is necessary of offering Him a lamp. In the worshipment of the Sun there is some sort of demand by the worshiper but in the case of devotional service of the Lord there is no question of demand from either side. It is all signs of pure love and affection between the Lord and the devotee.

The Lord is the Supreme Father of all living beings and as such those who are conscious of this Vital relation with God they have the filial demand from the Father and the Father is pleased to supply the demands of such obedient sons without any idea of bargaining. The Lord is just like the Desire tree and from Him everyone can have everything by the causeless mercy of the Lord. As the Supreme Father the Lord, however, denies to supply to a pure devotee what is considered to be barrier in the matter of discharging devotional service. Those who are engaged in the devotional service of the Lord, uplift them to the position of unalloyed devotional service by His transcendental attraction.