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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT No. 14

Sammarjita mahamarga rathya apanakah chatwaram Siktam gandhajalai phala puspa akshata ankuraih.


Sammarjita—thoroughly cleansed, Mahamarga—highways, Rathya—lanes and subways, Apanakah—shopping market place, Chatwaram—public meeting places, Siktam—moistened with, Gandhajalai—scented water, Phala—fruits, Puspa—flowers, Akshata—unbroken, Ankuraih—seeds.


The high ways, the subways, the lanes, the market place and public meeting places all were thoroughly cleansed and then moistened with scented water. And for welcoming the Lord everywhere fruits, flowers and unbroken seeds were strewn over.


Scented waters prepared by distilling flowers like rose and keora were requisitioned to wet the roads, streets and lanes of Dwarka Dhama. Such places along with the market place and public meeting places were thoroughly cleansed. From the above description it appears that the city of Dwarka Dhama was considerably big containing so many high ways, streets, market and public meeting places with parks, gardens and reservoirs of water all very nicely decorated with flowers and fruits. And to welcome the Lord such flowers and fruits with unbroken seeds of grain were also strewn over the public places. Unbroken seeds of grain or the fruits in seedling stage were considered auspicious and they are still so used by the Hindus in general in festival days.

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