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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT No. 13

Gopura dwara margeshu krita koutuka toranam Chitra dhawaja patakagrair antah pratihata tapam.


Gopura—the gateway of the city, dwara—door, Margeshu—on different roads, Krita—undertaken, Koutukena—on account of festival, Toranam—decorated arch, Chitra—painted, Dhawja—flags, Patakagrair—by the slogan signs, Antah—within, Pratihata—checked, tapam—sunshine.


The city gateway, the household doors and temporary decorated arches on the roads all were nicely decorated with festive signs like plantain trees, leaves of mango-tree for welcoming the Lord. Flags festoons and painted slogan signs all combined together checked sunshine coming inside.


Signs of decoration in special festivals were also collected from the gifts of nature such as the plantain trees, the mango-trees fruits and flowers. Mango tree, cocoanut palms and plantain trees are still accepted as signs of auspiciousness. The flag mentioned above were all painted either with the picture of Garuda or Hanuman, the two great servitors of the Lord. For devotees such paintings and decorations are still adored and the servitor of the master is paid more respects for the satisfaction of the Lord.

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