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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT No. 11

Madhu bhoja dasarha arha kukur andhak vrisnivih Atmatulya valair guptam nagair bhogavatim iva.


Madhu—of the name, Bhoja—of the name, Dasarha—of the name, Arha—of the name, Kukur—of the name, Andhak—of the name, Vrishnivih—by the descendants of Vrishni, Atmatulyai—as good as Himself, Valair—by strength, Guptam—protected, Nagair—by the nagas, Bhogavati—the capital of Nagaloka, Iva—like.


Dwarkapuri was being protected by the descendants of Vrishni such as Bhoja, Madhu, Dasarha, Arha, Kukur, Andhak, etc. who were equally strong like Himself (Lord Krishna) as much as the capital of Nagaloka, Bhogavati is protected by the Nagas.


The Nagaloka planet is situated below the earth planet and it is understood that the sunray is hampered there. The darkness of the planet is however removed by flashes of the jewels set on the heads of the Nagas and it is said that there are beautiful gardens, revulets etc. for the enjoyment of the Nagas. It is understood here also that the place is well protected by the inhabitants. So also the city of Dwarka was being well protected by the descendants of Vrishni who were equally powerful like the Lord so far He manifested His strength within this earth.

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