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SB (1964) Tenth Chapter - Departure of Lord Krishna for Dwarka

SB 1.10.1 (1964): Sounaka Muni enquired how Maharaj Yudhisthir the greatest of all men of religiosity ruled over his subjects assisted by his younger brothers, after killing his enemies who desired to usurp his right full inheritance although he enjoyed the kingdom with restricted consciousness.

SB 1.10.2 (1964): Lord Shri Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead Who is the maintainer of the world, became pleased in His mind after re-establishing Maharaj Yudhisthir in his own kingdom and also after seedling again the dynasty of Kuru which was exhausted by the fire of anger like the forest fire caused by the cohesion of bamboos.

SB 1.10.3 (1964): Maharaj Yudhisthir after being enlightened by what was spoken by Bhismadeva and that also by the Lord Sri Krishna the infallible, was engaged in the perfect matter of knowledge because all his misgivings were eradicated; and thus he ruled over the earth including the seas being followed by his younger brothers.

SB 1.10.4 (1964): During the reign of Maharaj Yudhisthir the rains showered all that the people needed and the earth produced profusely all the necessities of man. The cow used to moisten the grazing ground by milk on account of its fatty milk-bag and cheerful attitude.

SB 1.10.5 (1964): The rivers, the oceans, the hills and mountains, forests, creepers and active drugs all in every season profusely used to pay to the king as fixed quota of taxation.

SB 1.10.6 (1964): On account of the King's becoming non-enemical to anyone, the living beings in his time all were undisturbed by mental agonies, diseases, excessive heat and cold.

SB 1.10.7 (1964): Sri Hari or Lord Sri Krishna after residing at Hastinapur for a few months for the matter of pacifying the relatives and for pleasing His own sister (Subhadra)

SB 1.10.8 (1964): After that when the Lord asked permission for departure and the King gave it, the Lord offered His respects to Maharaj Yudhisthir by bowing down at his feet and the king embraced Him. After this the Lord either being embraced or being obeisanced by others got up on the chariot.

SB 1.10.9-10 (1964): At that time Subhadra, Droupadi, Kunti, Uttara, Gandhari, Dhritarashtra, Yuyutsu, Kripacharya, Nakula, Sahadeva, Bhimsain, Dhoumya and Satyavati all of them became almost faintly because it was impossible for them to bear the separation of Lord Krishna.

SB 1.10.11-12 (1964): Intelligent person, who has understood the Supreme Lord in the association of pure devotees and has become freed from materialistic bad association, can never attempt to avoid hearing the glories of the Lord even though he has heard it only once. How then the Pandavas can tolerate His separation with whom they had been intimately associated personally in the matter of seeing eye to eye, touching, conversing, sleeping, sitting, and dining together.

SB 1.10.13 (1964): All their hearts were being melted on the pot of attraction after Him. They were looking on Him without any twinkling of the eyes and they moved hither and thither in perplexity.

SB 1.10.14 (1964): The relative ladies, who's eyes were over flooded with tears on account of too much anxiety for Krishna and who came out of the palace, could check the tears with great difficulty. They thought that tears may not be the cause of inauspicity at the time of departure.

SB 1.10.15 (1964): While the Lord was departing from the palace of Hastinapur different types of drums like Mridanga, Dhole, Nagra, Dhundhuri, Dundubhi and flutes of different types like vina, gomukha, bheri, altogether then sounded to show Him honour.

SB 1.10.16 (1964): With a loving desire to see the Lord, the ladies of the Kuru royalty all got up on the top of the palace and smiling with affection and shyness they showered showers of flowers upon the Lord.

SB 1.10.17 (1964): At that time Arjuna the great warrior and conqueror of sleep who is the intimate friend of the most beloved Supreme Lord, took charge of the umbrella which had the handle of jewels and embroidered with laces of pearls.

SB 1.10.18 (1964): Uddhava and Satyaki began to fan the Lord with decorative bunch-hair-fan and the Lord being seated on the scattered flowers, commanded as the master of Madhu on the road.

SB 1.10.19 (1964): It was being heard here and there, the benedictions all aiming at Krisnna which were neither befitting nor unfitting because all of them were for the Absolute now playing the part of a human being.

SB 1.10.20 (1964): The ladies on the roof of all the houses in Hastinapur, who were all absorbed in the thought about transcendental qualities of the Lord, who is sung by selected poetries,-began to talk about Him which were all the more attractive than the hymns of the Vedas

SB 1.10.21 (1964): Here is He (Krishna) the original Personality of Godhead definitely as I do remember, who alone existed before manifestive creation of the modes of nature and in Him only on account of His becoming the Supreme Lord, all living beings merge into as if sleeping at night in suspended energy.

SB 1.10.22 (1964): He the Personality of Godhead again desiring to give name and forms to His parts and parcels the living entities, entrusted them under the guidance of material nature by His own potency when the material nature is empowered to re-create.

SB 1.10.23 (1964): Here is the same Supreme Personality of Godhead Whose transcendental Form is experienced by the great devotees who are completely cleansed of the material mind by dint of rigid devotional service and by full control of life and the senses. And that is the only means to purify the existence.

SB 1.10.24 (1964): Oh my dear friend, here is the same Personality of Godhead Whose attractive and confidential pastimes are described in the confidential parts of the Vedic literatures by His great devotees and it is He only who creates maintains and annihilates the material world but He is unaffected by them.

SB 1.10.25 (1964): Whenever there are kings and administrators in the lowest grade of material quality of life like animals, at that time the Lord in His transcendental Form certainly manifests His supreme power, truth positivism and special mercy upon the faithful, wonderful activities and thus manifested various transcendental forms as it is necessary in different periods and ages.

SB 1.10.26 (1964): Oh how much supremely glorified is the dynasty of King Yadu and much virtuous is the land of Mathura where the Supreme Leader of all living beings who is the husband of the Goddess of fortune (Pursottam) has respectively taken His birth and wandered in His childhood.

SB 1.10.27 (1964): Undoubtedly this is wonderful that Dwarka has defeated the glories of the heavenly planets and has enhanced the celebrity of the earth. The inhabitants of Dwarka do always see the Soul of the living beings (Krishna) constantly in His loving feature of glancing over them by favor of sweet smiling.

SB 1.10.28 (1964): Oh my friends, just think of His wives, whose hands He has accepted; how much must they have had undergone vows, bath, sacrifice in the fire for perfectly worhipping this Lord of the universe as result of which they are now constantly relishing the nectar from His lips (by kissing). The damsels of Brajabhumi would faint often being expectant of such favors.

SB 1.10.29 (1964): Whose children are Pradyumna, Sambu, Amba etc and such ladies as Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambubati ete. who were forcibly taken away by the Lord in the open selection of bridegroom, after harassing many powerful kings headed by Sisupala. And other ladies who were also similarly forcibly taken away by Him after killing Bhoumasura and his thousands of assistants, all of them are glorious.

SB 1.10.30 (1964): All these women auspiciously glorified their life inspite of their being without any individuality and purity of life. Their husband the lotus eyed Personality of Godhead did never leave them alone at home but on the other hand He always pleased them at heart by valuable presentations.

SB 1.10.31 (1964): In this way while the ladies of capital Hastinapur were greeting and talking about Him, the Lord with smiling face accepted their good feelings and with His grace of glancing over them departed from the city.

SB 1.10.32 (1964): Maharaj Yudhisthir, although nobody's enemy, engaged four divisions of defensive measures (Horse, elephant, chariot and army) to accompany Lord Krishna, the enemy of the Ashuras, just being afraid of other enemy as also out of affection for the Lord.

SB 1.10.33 (1964): To send off Lord Krishna and on account of profound affection for Him the Pandavas who were of the Kuru dynasty, accompanied Lord Krishna to considerable distance. They were overwhelmed with the thought of future separation. The Lord however, pursuaded them to go back home and thus proceeded towards Dwarka with His dear companions.

SB 1.10.34-35 (1964): Oh Sounaka, the Lord then began to proceed on towards Kurujangal, Panchal, Surasena, the land on the bank of river Yamuna, Brahmabarta, Kurukshetra, Matsa, Saraswat, the province of desert and the land of scanty water. After crossing these provinces He gradually reached the Soubira and Abhira provinces and west of these at Dwarka at last.

SB 1.10.36 (1964): On the way of His journey through the provices He was welcomed, worshipped and given various presentations. In the evening time everywhere the Lord suspended His journey for performance of evening rites. This was regularly observed after the sunset.