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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT No. 6

Nadhayo byadhayah klesha daivabhutamahetabah Ajatasatrou abhavan jantunam rajni karhichit.


Na—never, Adhaya—anxieties, Byadhaya—diseases, Klesha—trouble due to excessive heat and cold, Daibabhutama—all due to body, supernatural power and other living beings, Hetabah—due to the cause of, Ajatasatrou—unto the enemyless, Abhavan—happened, Jantunam—of the living beings, Rajni—unto the king, Karhichit—at any time.


On account of the King's becoming non-enemical to anyone, the living beings in his time all were undisturbed by mental agonies, diseases, excessive heat and cold.


To become non enemical to the human being and to become a killer or enemy of the poor animals is a Satan's philosophy. In this age there is enmity of the state with poor animals and therefore the poor creatures are always in anxieties of mind. The reaction of the poor animals is being forced on the human society and therefore, there is always a strain of cold or hot war between man to man individually and collectively or nationally. At the time of Maharaj Yudhisthir, there were no different nations although there were different subordinate states. The whole world was an united states of people and the supreme head being a trained up king like Yudhisthir, all the inhabitants of the world were free from anxiety, diseases, excessive heat and cold. They were not only economically well-to-do but also they were physically fit and undisturbed by supernatural power, by enmity of other living being and by disturbance of bodily and mental agonies. There is a proverb in Bengali that a bad king spoils the kingdom and a bad housewife spoils the family. The truth is verily applicable here also. Because the King was pious, obedient to the Lord and authorities of the sages, because he was no one's enemy and because he was recognised agent of the Lord and therefore protected by Him,—therefore, all the citizens under the king's protection, were so to say directly protected by the Lord and His authorised agents. Unless one is pious and recognised by the Lord nobody can make others happy who are under one's care. There is full co-operation between man to God and man to nature and this conscious co-operation between man to God and man to nature as examplified by the King Yudhisthir, can bring about happiness, peace and prosperity in the world and not by the attitude of exploiting one another as it has become the custom of the day.

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