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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT No. 27

Sitatapatra hyajanair upaskritah prasuna varsair' bhivarisita pathi. Pisangavasa vanamalaya babhou ghano yatharkodupachapa vaidyutai.


Sitatapatra—white umbrella, Byajanair—by the fan of flukes, Upaskritah—being served by, Prasuna—flowers, Varsair—by the showers, Avivarsita—thus being covered, Pisangavasa—by the yellow garments, Vanamalaya—by the flower garlands, Babhou—it so became, Ghana—cloud, Yatha—as if, Arka—the sun, Urupa—the moon, Chapa—the rainbow, Vaidyutai—by the lightening.


The Lord while passing through the public road of Dwarka His head was protected from sun-shine by a white umbrella, white bunch-hair flukes were moving by semicircle, showers of flowers were falling on the road. Added with these His yellow garments and garlands of flowers all together appeared as if the dark cloud in the sky was surrounded simultaneously by the sun, the moon, the rainbow and the lightening all at once.


The sun, moon, rainbow, and the lightning all these natural phenomenon do not appear in the sky simultaneously. When there is sun the moon-light becomes insignificant and even there is cloud and rainbow at once there is no manifestation of the lightning. The Lord's bodily hue being just like new a monsoon cloud, He is compared herein as the cloud. The white umbrella over His head is compared with the Sun. The movement of the bunch-hair fan of flukes is compared with the moon. The showers of flowers is compared with the stars. His yellow garments are compared with the lightning and the flower garlands on His chest are compared with the rainbow. So all these activities and paraphernalia on the firmament being impossible factors simultaneously, how one can adjust them by comparison. The adjustment is only possible when we think of the inconceivable potency of the Lord. The Lord is all powerful and in His presence anything impossible can be made possible by His inconceivable energy. But the situation created at that time of His passing on the roads of Dwarka was beautiful that could not be compared with anything else besides the description of natural phenomenon as above mentioned.

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