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SB 1.11.1 (1964)

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT No. 1

Suta uvacha Anartan sa upabrajya swriddhan janapadan swakan Dadhmaou darabaram tesam visadam samayanniba.


Suta uvacha—Suta Goswami said, Anartan—the country known as Anartan (Dwarka), Sa—He, Upabrajya—reaching in the border of, Swriddhan—most prosperous, Janapadan—city, Swakan—His own, Dadhmou—sounded, Darabaram—the auspicious conchshell (Panchajanya) Tesam—of them, Visadam—dejection, Samayann—pacifying, Iba—seemingly.


The Lord on His reaching the border of His most prosperous metropolis known as the country of the Anartas (Dwarka) sounded His auspicious conchshell heralding His arrival and apparently pacifying the dejection of the inhabitants.


The beloved Lord was away from His own prosperous metropolis Dwarka for a considerable long period on account of the battle of Kurukshetra and thus all the inhabitants were dipped into melancholia on account of separation. When the Lord descends on the earth his eternal associates also come with Him just like the entourage of the King accompanies him with the camp of the king. Such associates of the Lord are eternally liberated souls and they cannot forbear the separation of the Lord even for a moment on account of intense affection for the Lord. As such the inhabitants of the city of Dwarka were in a mood of dejection and expecting the arrival of the Lord at any moment. So the heralding sound of the auspicious conchshell was too much encouraging for them and apparently the sound pacified the dejection for separation. They were still more aspirant to see the Lord amongst themselves and all of them became alert to receive Him in the befitting manner. These are the signs of spontaneons love of Godhead.