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1950 - Solution of Present Crisis by Bhagwat Geeta

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Handwritten Document

Solution of Present Crisis by Bhagwat Geeta

(Bengali script omitted)
Dt 10.9.50

"Solution of Present Crisis by Bhagwat Geeta" by Abhay Charanarvinda Bhaktivedanta

1st lecture at Sri Goudiya Math, Royapettah, Madras under the presidency of Swami B. P. Puru Maharaj at 6P.M.

The news was published in the engagement columns of The Indian Express, the Hindu, the Mail on Sunday the 10/9/50.

Causes of the Crisis

1) The crisis that confront us are all man-made

(Bengali script)

2) Nature unkind? (J-Nehru)

3) Nature is the agent of Godhead

4) She is unkind to Ashuras (Bengali script)

5) She is kind to Suras.}

6) The difference between Ashuras & Suras.


8) (BENGALI QUOTE 2 lines)

9) These asuras do not believe in the existence of Godhead.

10) They are less intelligent (Ref 16th chapter B.G. Page 322) (BG 16)

(Bengali script 8 lines)

11) Man-made war

12) Artificial inflation of currency.

13) Rise of prices in gold standard.

14) Unnecessary extravagancy. Unnecessary creation of wants so called scientific (?) knowledge(?).

15) (Bengali script 14 lines)

16) Fight of Mohisasura with Durga is the symbolic representation of such godless civilization.

17) Nature becomes mercilessly unkind to the race of Mohishasuras.

18) The tangle of time & space its disastrous effects.

19) Railway accidents

18) Air-crashes

19) Unnecessary dexterity.

20) No solution of primary necessities, such as boarding, lodging & clothing.

21) No training of human civilization. Varnashram Dharma.

22) Sense gratification is the only pivot. Sheer animalism.

23) Civil-disobedience against the plan of Godhead.

24) (Bengali script 8 lines)

25) Man is born with devolved consciousness.

26) Devolved consciousness passes its entrance examination by acceptance standard ethical & moral principles.

27) Such consciousness is graduated to the higher plane of God consciousness. The Sastras give us right direction to such goal.

28) Ultimate realization man eternal relation with God is the full devolved conscience.

Page 2A

X1. Sree Krishna the Absolute Personality of Godhead can be known through the transcendental loving service. (BG 18.55) (BG 7.3)

2. Real happiness is obtainable only through this transcendental

loving service (BG 18.66) (BG 7.14) (BG 7.28) (BG 7.19)

3 Man tries to remove his difficulties by work and when baffled in that attempt he tries to get rid of the material bondage by an exercise of the mental faculty. But real happiness does not lie either on the bodily or mental plane. (BG 6.21-22). (BG 3.41) (BG 2.14)

4. Bhagwat Geeta is the cream of all the Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads and allied other scriptures. (BG 4.1-3) and Sree Krishna the Absolute Personality of Godhead reveals Himself as He is in the Bhagwat Geeta (BG 15.15)

6. Sree Krishna is recognized by Sri Arjuna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead not only on the strength of the authoritative recognition of the great saints & sages (BG 10.12-16) but also on his own transcendental personal experience as constant friend and companion of Sree Krishna (BG 11.1-4)

7. By the materialists Sree Krishna is perceived in Impersonal display of material energy (BG 10.13-42)

8. The whole material existence is maintained by His material energy (BG 9.4-10) and He keeps His watch over it by His Plenary Portion Known as Paramatma (BG 15.12-17).

9. Sree Krishna in His Personal Feature eternally enjoys in the transcendental realm (BG 15.6) (BG 8.16) (BG 8.20-22)

10. Sree Krishna is perceived by the transcendentalists in His Three transcendental features namely (1) Impersonal Brahma (BG 14.27), His Plenary Portion Paramatma (BG 15.17) and Purushottam the Supreme Personality of Godhead (BG 15.18)

11. Impersonal Brahma is His transcendental effulgence of spiritual ray (BG 15.12) (BG 14.27)

12. Paramatma is His Plenary Portion Who pervades the whole existence (BG 15.17) (BG 18.61) (BG 10.42)

13 But Sree Krishna Himself is the Absolute Personality of Godhead (BG 7.7)

14. X1. (.See Above)

15. Sree Krishna can expand Himself both by His material Spiritual and marginal energies. By His material energy He creates this material world made of earth, water, fire, air, sky, mind, intelligence and ego (BG 7.4). By His Spiritual energy He expands Himself as Brahman, Paramatma and Personality of Godhead as above mentioned and By His marginal energy He expands. Himself as different living being (BG 7.5) (BG 14.3-4) (BG 15.7)

16. It is mistake therefore to conclude that material world evolves out of its own energy. It is the energy of Sree Krishna (BG 9.4-10)

17. Sree Krishna Himself or His other plenary portions descends in this material world in different period in order to keep in order His creation of material energy (BG 4.6-9)

18. Such incarnations of Godhead are innumerable but they are not created by man-made ideas. They are all described in the Scriptures as Vedas, Puranas etc. (BG 16.23)

19. Sree Krishna appears Himself once in a day of Brahma the Lord of the universe (BG 8.17).

Some facts and figures on The Bhagwat Geeta.

1. The Living beings are eternal parts and parcels of the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna. (BG 15.7) (BG 14.3) (BG 2.17-30)

2. The living being is born of the internal potency of the Lord. (BG 7.25) (BG 7.12-19)

3. The material world is born of the external energy of the Lord.

(BG 7.4-11) (BG 10.19-42) (BG 9.10) (BG 9.4)

4. In the material world there are innumerable globes and planets and there are different grades of living being. The highest planet in the material world is the Brahmaloka which is also as much perishable as this planet although life in the Brahmaloka is by crores and crores of years of our calculation. (BG 8.16-19)

5. Beyond this material world there is the spiritual sky which is never annihilated even after the destruction of all the material universes. (BG 8.20-22) (BG 8.15-?) (BG 15.3-4)

6. That spiritual sky is self illuminated and there is no need of the sun or the moon. (BG 15.6)

7. That spiritual sky is different from this sky and that is the abode of the Lord. (BG 8.21-22)

8. There are living being also in that spiritual sky who live along with God and the living being who is now engaged within the material world may also go there after leaving this material body provided he trains himself up as the pure devotee of the Lord. (BG 14.26) (BG 8.11)

9. No body can enter in that spiritual realm who has no perfect knowledge of the Lord and one can know the Lord only by the process of Bhaktiyoga. (BG 11.55) (BG 18.55) (BG 7.3)

10. Materialistic living beings who are rotting in this material atmosphere and suffering from material pangs, specifically the pains of birth, the pains of death, the pains of old age and the pains of diseases, can get complete relief from all these as soon as they are able to enter into the spiritual kingdom of the Lord. (BG 11.21-32)

11. Lord Shri Krishna is the primeval Lord and everything has emanated from Him. (BG 10.8) (BG 11.18-20) (BG 11.51-52)

12 He manifests in three features namely as the impersonal Brahman which pervades everything both material and spiritual. As super soul He enters every thing and every particles and thus maintains the existence. But at the ultimate issue He is a Person and His Personality supercedes all other personalities.

13. The demigods like Brahma etc are as much part and parcel living entities as we are but they are invested with more power and deputed as different predominant factors in different planets.

14. But no body is equal or greater than the Lord.

15. Men with ordinary merit worships the demigods and the benefit derived from such worshipful activities are temporary. For permanent result one must fully surrender unto the Supreme Lord.

16. The worshippers of the demigods go to the respective planets predominated by such demigods but one who worships the Lord goes back to Godhead for eternal life, bliss and knowledge. That is the highest perfection of life.

17. The Bhagwat Geeta advises every one to attain this highest perfection of life i.e. to go Back to Godhead by practising the process of Bhaktiyoga and the Lord advises also to His devotees to preach this cult everywhere. No body is dearer to Him than one who preaches the message of the Bhagwat Geeta.