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SB 8.19.15

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


bhavān ācaritān dharmān
āsthito gṛhamedhibhiḥ
brāhmaṇaiḥ pūrvajaiḥ śūrair
anyaiś coddāma-kīrtibhiḥ


bhavān—your good self; ācaritān—executed; dharmān—religious principles; āsthitaḥ—being situated; gṛhamedhibhiḥ—by persons in household life; brāhmaṇaiḥ—by the brāhmaṇas; pūrva-jaiḥ—by your forefathers; śūraiḥ—by great heroes; anyaiḥ ca—and others also; uddāma-kīrtibhiḥ—very highly elevated and famous.


You also have observed the principles followed by great personalities who are householder brāhmaṇas, by your forefathers and by great heroes who are extremely famous for their exalted activities.

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