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SB 7.2.32

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


rudatya uccair dayitāṅghri-paṅkajaṁ
siñcantya asraiḥ kuca-kuṅkumāruṇaiḥ
visrasta-keśābharaṇāḥ śucaṁ nṛṇāṁ
sṛjantya ākrandanayā vilepire


rudatyaḥ—crying; uccaiḥ—very loudly; dayita—of their beloved husband; aṅghri-paṅkajam—the lotus feet; siñcantyaḥ—moistening; asraiḥ—with tears; kuca-kuṅkuma-aruṇaiḥ—which were red from the kuṅkuma covering their breasts; visrasta—scattered; keśa—hair; ābharaṇāḥ—and ornaments; śucam—grief; nṛṇām—of the people in general; sṛjantyaḥ—creating; ākrandanayā—by crying very pitiably; vilepire—began to lament.


As the queens loudly cried, their tears glided down their breasts, becoming reddened by kuṅkuma powder, and fell upon the lotus feet of their husband. Their hair became disarrayed, their ornaments fell, and in a way that evoked sympathy from the hearts of others, the queens began lamenting their husband's death.

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