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SB 5.26.32

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


ye tv iha vā anāgaso 'raṇye grāme vā vaiśrambhakair
upasṛtān upaviśrambhayya jijīviṣūn śūla-sūtrādiṣūpaprotān
krīḍanakatayā yātayanti te 'pi ca pretya yama-yātanāsu
śūlādiṣu protātmānaḥ kṣut-tṛḍbhyāṁ cābhihatāḥ
kaṅka-vaṭādibhiś cetas tatas tigma-tuṇḍair
āhanyamānā ātma-śamalaṁ smaranti


ye—persons who; tu—but; iha—in this life; —or; anāgasaḥ—who are faultless; araṇye—in the forest; grāme—in the village; —or; vaiśrambhakaiḥ—by means of good faith; upasṛtān—brought near; upaviśrambhayya—inspiring with confidence; jijīviṣūn—who want to be protected; śūla-sūtra-ādiṣu—on a lance, thread, and so on; upaprotān—fixed; krīḍanakatayā—like a plaything; yātayanti—cause pain; te—those persons; api—certainly; ca—and; pretya—after dying; yama-yātanāsu—the persecutions of Yamarāja; śūla-ādiṣu—on lances and so on; prota-ātmānaḥ—whose bodies are fixed; kṣut-tṛḍbhyām—by hunger and thirst; ca—also; abhihatāḥ—overwhelmed; kaṅka-vaṭa-ādibhiḥ—by birds such as herons and vultures; ca—and; itaḥ tataḥ—here and there; tigma-tuṇḍaiḥ—having pointed beaks; āhanyamānāḥ—being tortured; ātma-śamalam—own sinful activities; smaranti—they remember.


In this life some people give shelter to animals and birds that come to them for protection in the village or forest, and after making them believe that they will be protected, such people pierce them with lances or threads and play with them like toys, giving them great pain. After death such people are brought by the assistants of Yamarāja to the hell known as Śūlaprota, where their bodies are pierced with sharp, needlelike lances. They suffer from hunger and thirst, and sharp-beaked birds such as vultures and herons come at them from all sides to tear at their bodies. Tortured and suffering, they can then remember the sinful activities they committed in the past.

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