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SB 4.3.2

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


yadābhiṣikto dakṣas tu
brahmaṇā parameṣṭhinā
prajāpatīnāṁ sarveṣām
ādhipatye smayo 'bhavat


yadā — when; abhiṣiktaḥ — appointed; dakṣaḥ — Dakṣa; tu — but; brahmaṇā — by Brahmā; parameṣṭhinā — the supreme teacher; prajāpatīnām — of the Prajāpatis; sarveṣām — of all; ādhipatye — as the chief; smayaḥ — puffed up; abhavat — he became.


When Lord Brahmā appointed Dakṣa the chief of all the Prajāpatis, the progenitors of population, Dakṣa became very much puffed up.


Although he was envious and was inimical towards Lord Śiva, Dakṣa was appointed the chief of all Prajāpatis. That was the cause of his excessive pride. When a man becomes too proud of his material possessions, he can perform any disastrous act, and therefore Dakṣa acted out of false prestige. That is described in this chapter.

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