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SB 4.2.12

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


gṛhītvā mṛga-śāvākṣyāḥ
pāṇiṁ markaṭa-locanaḥ
vācāpy akṛta nocitam


gṛhītvā—taking; mṛga-śāva—like a deer cub; akṣyāḥ—of her who has eyes; pāṇim—the hand; markaṭa—of a monkey; locanaḥ—he who has the eyes; pratyutthāna—of rising from one's seat; abhivāda—the honor; arhe—to me, who deserves; vācā—with sweet words; api—even; akṛta na—he did not do; ucitam—honor.


He has eyes like a monkey's, yet he has married my daughter, whose eyes are just like those of a deer cub. Nevertheless he did not stand up to receive me, nor did he think it fit to welcome me with sweet words.

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