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SB 4.2.11

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


eṣa me śiṣyatāṁ prāpto
yan me duhitur agrahīt
pāṇiṁ viprāgni-mukhataḥ
sāvitryā iva sādhuvat


eṣaḥ—he (Śiva); me—my; śiṣyatām—subordinate position; prāptaḥ—accepted; yat—because; me duhituḥ—of my daughter; agrahīt—he took; pāṇim—the hand; vipra-agni—of brāhmaṇas and fire; mukhataḥ—in the presence; sāvitryāḥ—Gāyatrī; iva—like; sādhuvat—like an honest person.


He has already accepted himself as my subordinate by marrying my daughter in the presence of fire and brāhmaṇas. He has married my daughter, who is equal to Gāyatrī, and has pretended to be just like an honest person.


Dakṣa's statement that Lord Śiva pretended to be an honest person means that Śiva was dishonest because in spite of accepting the position of Dakṣa's son-in-law, he was not respectful to Dakṣa.

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