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SB (1964) Eighth Chapter - Prayers by Queen Kunti and Parikshit Saved

SB 1.8.1 (1964): Suta Goswami said, "Thereafter the Pandavas desiring to deliver water to the dead relatives who had desired for it, went to the Ganges along with Lord Krishna putting the ladies in the front."

SB 1.8.2 (1964): Thus lamenting over them sufficiently offering the water of the Ganges again they took bath in the Ganges whose water is sanctified on account of its being mixed with the dust of the lotus feet of the Lord.

SB 1.8.3 (1964): There the King of the Kurus Maharaj Judhisthir, along with his younger brothers was sitting and there were also Dhritarstra, Gandhari, Kunti and Droupadi all overwhelmed with grief and therefore Lord Krishna.

SB 1.8.4 (1964): Lord Sri Krishna along with the munis began to pacify the shocked and affected persons demonstrating the stringent laws of the Almighty and its reaction on the living beings.

SB 1.8.5 (1964): The cleverish Duryodhana and party cunningly usurped the kingdom of Judhisthir who had no enemy. By the grace of the Lord the recover was executed and the unscrupulous kings who joined with Duryodhana were killed by him. Others also died on account of their duration of life being decreased for touching the bunch of hair of queen Droupadi.

SB 1.8.6 (1964): Lord Shri Krishna thus caused three well performed Aswamedha Yajnas to be done by Moharaj Judhisthira and thus made his virtuous fame-glorified in all directions like that of Indra who performed such one hundred sacrifices.

SB 1.8.7 (1964): Lord Shri Krishna then prepared for His departure and thus He invited the sons of Pandu after being worshipped by the Brahmins headed by Srila Vyasdeva and the Lord also reciprocated greetings.

SB 1.8.8 (1964): As soon as he got Himself seated on the chariot just starting for Dwarka He saw that Uttara coming to Him hurriedly being too much afraid of.

SB 1.8.9 (1964): Oh the Lord of the lords, the lord of the universe You are the greatest of the mystics. Please protect me, protect me because there is no one else who can save one from the clutches of death in dual existence.

SB 1.8.10 (1964): Oh my Lord You are all powerful. The fiery iron arrow is fast coming towards me. My Lord let it burn me personally if it so desires but I wish that my embryo may not be spoiled and aborted. Kindly do me this favor my Lord.

SB 1.8.11 (1964): Lord Sri Krishna who is always very much affectionate towards His devotees, just hearing her could at once understand it that Aswatthama the son of Dronacharya had thrown the Brahmastra just to finish the last life in the Pandava's family.

SB 1.8.12 (1964): Oh the chief amongst the great thinkers (Muni) for the matter of that the Pandavas also took up their five respective weapons seeing the glaring Brahmastra was proceeding towards them.

SB 1.8.13 (1964): The Almighty Personality of Godhead Shri Krishna having observed that a great danger had fallen upon His unalloyed devotees who were fully surrendered souls, took up at once His Sudarshan Disc weapon in order to protect them.

SB 1.8.14 (1964): The Lord of Supreme mysticism Shri Krishna resides within everyone's heart as the Paramatma. As such He covered the embryo of Uttara by His personal energy just to protect the progeny of the Kuru dynasty.

SB 1.8.15 (1964): Oh Sounaka the glory of the family of Bhrigu, although the Supreme weapon of the Brahma released by Aswathama was irresistible and without any check or counteraction, still when it was confronted with the strength of Vishnu (Lord Krishna) the same became neutralised and foiled.

SB 1.8.16 (1964): Oh Brahmins do not think it wonderful in the activities of the mysterious one infallible Personality of Godhead. It is so because He by His own transcendental energy, although He Himself unborn creates, maintains and annihilates all material affairs.

SB 1.8.17 (1964): When thus saved from the radiation of the Brahmastra, Kunti the chaste devotee of the Lord along with her five sons and Droupadi, addressed Lord Krishna when He was just on His way towards home.

SB 1.8.18 (1964): Srimati Kunti said, oh Krishna I offer my obeisances unto You because You are the original Personality and are unaffected by the qualities of material world. You are existing both within and without of everything and still You are invisible for all.

SB 1.8.19 (1964): Being beyond the range of limited sense-perceptions the eternal irreproachable factor coverd by the curtain of deluding energy, you are invisible to the foolish observer exactly like the artist dressed as a player is not recognised (by the less intelligent person.)

SB 1.8.20 (1964): You descend Yourself for executing the mission of propagating the transcendental science of devotional service unto the heart of the advanced transcendentalists and mental speculationists who are purified by discerning between matter and spirit. How then we the woman folk can know You perfectly.

SB 1.8.21 (1964): Let me therefore offer my respectful obeisances unto the Lord Who has become the son of Vasudeva, the pleasure of Devaki, the boy of Nanda and other cowhardsmen of Vrindaban, and the enlivener of the cows and senses.

SB 1.8.22 (1964): My respectful obeisances are unto You the Lord who has a specific depression in the centre of the abdomen like the lotus flower, who is always decorated with garlands of lotus flower, whose glance is as cooling as that of the lotus flower and whose palm of feet is engraved with marks of lotus flower.

SB 1.8.23 (1964): Oh Hrishikesh the master of the senses and the great Lord of the lords You have released both Your mother Devaki who was long imprisoned and distressed by the envious king Kansa and myself also along with my children from a series of constant dangers.

SB 1.8.24 (1964): My dear Krishna, Your Lordship has protected us from the poison cake, from the great fire, from the combating with the maneaters, from the viceous assembly, from the sufferings during the exile period in the forest, in the battlefield where great generals fought and lately saved from the weapons of Aswatthama.

SB 1.8.25 (1964): I wish that all those calamities may happen again and again so that we can see You also again and again which means that there will be no more seeing of repeated birth and death.

SB 1.8.26 (1964): My Lord Your Lordship can easily be approached only by those who are actually materially exhausted men. Because nobody can address you in feeling who is on the path of progressive improvement in the matter of respectable parentage, great opulence, high education and attractive beauty.

SB 1.8.27 (1964): My obeisances are unto You who is the property of the materially impoverished and one who has nothing to do with the actions and reactions of the material modes of nature. You are self satisfied and therefore You are the most gentle and master of the monists.

SB 1.8.28 (1964): My Lord I consider your Lordship as the eternal Time, the Supreme Controller, without any beginning and end and all pervading. You are equal to everyone in distributing Your mercy everywhere and the dissensions of the living beings are due to social intercourse.

SB 1.8.29 (1964): Nobody can understand Oh the Lord, about Your transcendental pastime which appears to be humanly but it is misleading. You have no specific object of favor neither You have anybody object of envy. Conception of partiality upon You is imagination by the people in general.

SB 1.8.30 (1964): It is bewildering of course You, Oh the Soul of the Universe, have to work although inactive, have to take birth although unborn and are the vital force. Still You descend Yourself amongst the animals, men, sages, aquatics. They are verily bewildering.

SB 1.8.31 (1964): My dear Krishna, the sight which was created by Yasoda's taking up a rope to bind You on Your committing offence and Your pertubed eyes became overflooded with tears washing the anointment out of fear only although Fear Personified is afraid of You, is bewildering me.

SB 1.8.32 (1964): Some body says that the unborn is now born for glorification of great pious king, other says for pleasing the king Yadu one of Your dearest devotees, You are born in his family as much as the Malaya hills are famous for its sandalwood.

SB 1.8.33 (1964): Some others say that being prayed by both Vasudeva and Devaki You have taken Your birth as their son. Undoubtedly You are unborn and still You take Your birth for their welfare as well as for killing those who are envious of the demigods.

SB 1.8.34 (1964): Others say that the world, being overburdened like that of a boat on the sea, was very much aggrieved and You have descended to diminish the trouble being prayed by Brahma (who is Your son).

SB 1.8.35 (1964): Others say that the Lord appeared for renovating the devotional service in the matter of hearing, remembering, worshipping etc. so that the conditioned souls suffering from material pangs may take advantage of them and thereby become liberated.

SB 1.8.36 (1964): Oh Krishna, the people in general who continuously hear, chant and repeat Your transcendental activities or take pleasure in while others doing so, certainly can see Your lotus feet which alone can stop the course of repetition of birth and death.

SB 1.8.37 (1964): Oh my Lord You are self executed of all duties. Are You leaving us today possibly although we are completely dependant on Your mercy as we have nobody else to help us specially in a state when all the kings are engaged in enmity with us.

SB 1.8.38 (1964): As the name and fame of a particular body is finished along with the disappearance of the living spirit, similarly if You do not look upon us all our fame and activities along with the Pandavas and Yadus will end at once.

SB 1.8.39 (1964): Oh Gadadhara (Krishna), the land of our place is now being marked by the impressions of Your own marks on the feet and therefore appearing as beautiful as anything but when You are out they will no longer look as auspicious.

SB 1.8.40 (1964): All these cities and villages are flourishing in all respects because the herbs and grains are in mature abundance, the trees are full of fruits, the river is full of water the hills are full of minerals and the oceans are full of wealth. And they are all due to Your glance over them.

SB 1.8.41 (1964): Oh the Lord of the Universe, the Soul of the Universe, the Personality of the Form of the Universe, please, therefore, cut off my tie of affection towards my kinsmen the Pandavas and the Vrishnis.

SB 1.8.42 (1964): Oh the Lord of Madhu. As the flow of the Ganges water glides down the seas continuously without any check, so my attraction for You may continuously be drawn unto You without any diversion for anyone else.

SB 1.8.43 (1964): Oh Krishna oh friend of Arjuna oh the chief of the descendants of Vrishni, You are the destroyer of the political parties who are disturbing elements on the earth but You are without any deterioration of Your prowess. You are the proprietor of the transcendental abode and You descend from there for relieving distress of the cow, the Brahmins and the devotees. You possess all mystic powers and You are the preceptor for all over the universe. You are the Almighty God and my respectful obeisances are unto You.

SB 1.8.44 (1964): Suta Goswami said, "The Lord thus hearing the prayers of Kunti Devi composed in selected words to glorify the Lord, mildly smiled and the same was as enchanting as His mystic power.

SB 1.8.45 (1964): Thus accepting the prayers of Srimati Kunti Devi the Lord subsequently informed other ladies of His departure by entering the palace of Hastinapur. But while preparing for starting He was stopped by King Yudhisthir in loving imploration.

SB 1.8.46 (1964): King Yudhisthir who was too much aggrieved could not be convinced even though he was instructed by great sages headed by Vyasa and Lord Krishna Himself the performer of superhuman tasks, all with evidences from the histories.

SB 1.8.47 (1964): The King Yudhisthir son of Dharma became aggrieved just like a common man with materialistic sense and was thus overwhelmed by the death of friends. Oh the sages thus deluded by affection he began to say.

SB 1.8.48 (1964): Oh my lot, I am the most sinful man and just look upon my heart full of ignorance. For this body which is ultimately meant for others, I have killed many many combination of military phalanx.

SB 1.8.49 (1964): I have killed many boys, brahmins, wellwishers, friends, parents, preceptors and brothers and therefore even though I may have a duration of life for millions of years it will not be possible for me to be relieved from the hell that is awaiting me for all these sins.

SB 1.8.50 (1964): There is no sin for the king who kills for the right cause is certainly meant for administration. But these words of injunction are not applicable to me.

SB 1.8.51 (1964): I have killed many friends of the women folk and thereof I have caused enmity to the highest peak which is not possible to be undone by such welfare work as are done by the material welfare workers.

SB 1.8.52 (1964): As it is not possible to filter muddy water by means of mud, or as it is not possible to purify a wine-stroken pot with bulk of wine, so also killing of a living being imperceptibly cannot be counteracted by another organised killing of animal.