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SB 9.9.35

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


yasmān me bhakṣitaḥ pāpa
kāmārtāyāḥ patis tvayā
tavāpi mṛtyur ādhānād
akṛta-prajña darśitaḥ


yasmāt—because; me—my; bhakṣitaḥ—was eaten up; pāpa—O sinful one; kāma-ārtāyāḥ—of a woman very much bereaved because of sexual desire; patiḥ—husband; tvayā—by you; tava—your; api—also; mṛtyuḥ—death; ādhānāt—when you try to discharge semen in your wife; akṛta-prajña—O foolish rascal; darśitaḥ—this curse is placed upon you.


O foolish, sinful person, because you have eaten my husband when I was sexually inclined and desiring to have the seed of a child, I shall also see you die when you attempt to discharge semen in your wife. In other words, whenever you attempt to sexually unite with your wife, you shall die.

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