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SB 9.6.44

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


tāsāṁ kalir abhūd bhūyāṁs
tad-arthe 'pohya sauhṛdam
mamānurūpo nāyaṁ va
iti tad-gata-cetasām


tāsām—of all the princesses; kaliḥ—disagreement and quarrel; abhūt—there was; bhūyān—very much; tat-arthe—for the sake of Saubhari Muni; apohya—giving up; sauhṛdam—a good relationship; mama—mine; anurūpaḥ—the fit person; na—not; ayam—this; vaḥ—yours; iti—in this way; tat-gata-cetasām—being attracted by him.


Thereafter, the princesses, being attracted by Saubhari Muni, gave up their sisterly relationship and quarreled among themselves, each one of them contending, "This man is just suitable for me, and not for you." In this way there ensued a great disagreement.

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