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SB 9.22.8

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


anyasyām api bhāryāyāṁ
śakale dve bṛhadrathāt
ye mātrā bahir utsṛṣṭe
jarayā cābhisandhite
jīva jīveti krīḍantyā
jarāsandho 'bhavat sutaḥ


anyasyām—in another; api—also; bhāryāyām—wife; śakale—parts; dve—two; bṛhadrathāt—from Bṛhadratha; ye—which two parts; mātrā—by the mother; bahiḥ utsṛṣṭe—because of rejection; jarayā—by the demoness named Jarā; ca—and; abhisandhite—when they were joined together; jīva jīva iti—O living entity, be alive; krīḍantyā—playing like that; jarāsandhaḥ—Jarāsandha; abhavat—was generated; sutaḥ—a son.


Through the womb of another wife, Bṛhadratha begot two halves of a son. When the mother saw those two halves she rejected them, but later a she-demon named Jarā playfully joined them and said, "Come to life, come to life!" Thus the son named Jarāsandha was born.

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