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SB 9.19.9

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


so 'pi cānugataḥ straiṇaḥ
kṛpaṇas tāṁ prasāditum
kurvann iḍaviḍā-kāraṁ
nāśaknot pathi sandhitum


saḥ—that he-goat; api—also; ca—also; anugataḥ—following the she-goat; straiṇaḥ—hen pecked; kṛpaṇaḥ—very poor; tām—her; prasāditum—to satisfy; kurvan—making; iḍaviḍā-kāram—an utterance in the language of the goats; na—not; aśaknot—was able; pathi—on the road; sandhitum—to satisfy.


Being very sorry, the he-goat, who was subservient to his wife, followed the she-goat on the road and tried his best to flatter her, but he could not pacify her.

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