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SB 9.18.42

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


apṛcchat tanayaṁ pūruṁ
vayasonaṁ guṇādhikam
na tvam agrajavad vatsa
māṁ pratyākhyātum arhasi


apṛcchat—requested; tanayam—the son; pūrum—Pūru; vayasā—by age; ūnam—although younger; guṇa-adhikam—better than the others by quality; na—not; tvam—you; agraja-vat—like your older brothers; vatsa—my dear son; mām—me; pratyākhyātum—to refuse; arhasi—ought.


King Yayāti then requested Pūru, who was younger than these three brothers but more qualified, "My dear son, do not be disobedient like your elder brothers, for that is not your duty."

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