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SB 9.18.24

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


gate rājani sā dhīre
tatra sma rudatī pituḥ
nyavedayat tataḥ sarvam
uktaṁ śarmiṣṭhayā kṛtam


gate rājani—after the departure of the King; —she (Devayānī); dhīre—learned; tatra sma—returning to her home; rudatī—crying; pituḥ—before her father; nyavedayat—submitted; tataḥ—thereafter; sarvam—all; uktam—mentioned; śarmiṣṭhayā—by Śarmiṣṭhā; kṛtam—done.


Thereafter, when the learned King returned to his palace, Devayānī returned home crying and told her father, Śukrācārya, about all that had happened because of Śarmiṣṭhā. She told how she had been thrown into the well but was saved by the King.

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