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SB 8.23.24

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


tatas tv indraḥ puraskṛtya
deva-yānena vāmanam
loka-pālair divaṁ ninye
brahmaṇā cānumoditaḥ


tataḥ—thereafter; tu—but; indraḥ—the King of heaven; puraskṛtya—keeping forward; deva-yānena—by an airplane used by the demigods; vāmanam—Lord Vāmana; loka-pālaiḥ—with the chiefs of all other planets; divam—to the heavenly planets; ninye—brought; brahmaṇā—by Lord Brahmā; ca—also; anumoditaḥ—being approved.


Thereafter, along with all the leaders of the heavenly planets, Indra, the King of heaven, placed Lord Vāmanadeva before him and, with the approval of Lord Brahmā, brought Him to the heavenly planet in a celestial airplane.

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