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SB 8.19.38

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


atrāpi bahvṛcair gītaṁ
śṛṇu me 'sura-sattama
satyam om iti yat proktaṁ
yan nety āhānṛtaṁ hi tat


atra api—in this regard also (in deciding what is truth and what is not truth); bahu-ṛcaiḥ—by the śruti-mantras known as Bahvṛca-śruti, which are evidence from the Vedas; gītam—what has been spoken; śṛṇu—just hear; me—from me; asura-sattama—O best of the asuras; satyam—the truth is; om iti—preceded by the word oṁ; yat—that which; proktam—has been spoken; yat—that which is; na—not preceded by oṁ; iti—thus; āha—it is said; anṛtam—untruth; hi—indeed; tat—that.


One might argue that since you have already promised, how can you refuse? O best of the demons, just take from me the evidence of the Bahvṛca-śruti, which says that a promise is truthful preceded by the word oṁ and untruthful if not.

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