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SB 8.18.30

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


adya naḥ pitaras tṛptā
adya naḥ pāvitaṁ kulam
adya sviṣṭaḥ kratur ayaṁ
yad bhavān āgato gṛhān


adya—today; naḥ—our; pitaraḥ—forefathers; tṛptāḥ—satisfied; adya—today; naḥ—our; pāvitam—purified; kulam—the whole family; adya—today; su-iṣṭaḥ—properly executed; kratuḥ—the sacrifice; ayam—this; yat—because; bhavān—Your Lordship; āgataḥ—arrived; gṛhān—at our residence.


O my Lord, because You have kindly arrived at our home, all my forefathers are satisfied, our family and entire dynasty have been sanctified, and the sacrifice we are performing is now complete because of Your presence.

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