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SB 8.12.9

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


tvāṁ brahma kecid avayanty uta dharmam eke
eke paraṁ sad-asatoḥ puruṣaṁ pareśam
anye 'vayanti nava-śakti-yutaṁ paraṁ tvāṁ
kecin mahā-puruṣam avyayam ātma-tantram


tvām—You; brahma—the supreme truth, the Absolute Truth, Brahman; kecit—some people, namely the group of Māyāvādīs known as the Vedāntists; avayanti—consider; uta—certainly; dharmam—religion; eke—some others; eke—some others; param—transcendental; sat-asatoḥ—to both cause and effect; puruṣam—the Supreme person; pareśam—the supreme controller; anye—others; avayanti—describe; nava-śakti-yutam—endowed with nine potencies; param—transcendental; tvām—unto You; kecit—some; mahā-puruṣam—the Supreme Personality of Godhead; avyayam—without loss of energy; ātma-tantram—supremely independent.


Those who are known as the impersonalist Vedāntists regard You as the impersonal Brahman. Others, known as the Mīmāṁsaka philosophers, regard You as religion. The Sāṅkhya philosophers regard You as the transcendental person who is beyond prakṛti and puruṣa and who is the controller of even the demigods. The followers of the codes of devotional service known as the Pañcarātras regard You as being endowed with nine different potencies. And the Patañjala philosophers, the followers of Patañjali Muni, regard You as the supreme independent Personality of Godhead, who has no equal or superior.

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