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SB 8.12.12

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


avatārā mayā dṛṣṭā
ramamāṇasya te guṇaiḥ
so 'haṁ tad draṣṭum icchāmi
yat te yoṣid-vapur dhṛtam


avatārāḥ—incarnations; mayā—by me; dṛṣṭāḥ—have been seen; ramamāṇasya—while You demonstrate Your various pastimes; te—of You; guṇaiḥ—by the manifestations of transcendental qualities; saḥ—Lord Śiva; aham—I; tat—that incarnation; draṣṭum icchāmi—wish to see; yat—which; te—of You; yoṣit-vapuḥ—the body of a woman; dhṛtam—was accepted.


My Lord, I have seen all kinds of incarnations You have exhibited by Your transcendental qualities, and now that You have appeared as a beautiful young woman, I wish to see that form of Your Lordship.


When Lord Śiva approached Lord Viṣṇu, Lord Viṣṇu inquired about the purpose for Lord Śiva's coming there. Now Lord Śiva discloses his desire. He wanted to see the recent incarnation of Mohinī-mūrti, which Lord Viṣṇu had assumed to distribute the nectar generated from the churning of the ocean of milk.

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