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SB 8.10.38

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


teṣāṁ padāghāta-rathāṅga-cūrṇitād
āyodhanād ulbaṇa utthitas tadā
reṇur diśaḥ khaṁ dyumaṇiṁ ca chādayan
nyavartatāsṛk-srutibhiḥ pariplutāt


teṣām—of all the people engaged on the battlefield; padāghāta—because of beating on the ground by the legs of the demons and demigods; ratha-aṅga—and by the wheels of the chariots; cūrṇitāt—which was made into pieces of dust; āyodhanāt—from the battlefield; ulbaṇaḥ—very forceful; utthitaḥ—rising; tadā—at that time; reṇuḥ—the dust particles; diśaḥ—all directions; kham—outer space; dyumaṇim—up to the sun; ca—also; chādayan—covering all of space up to that; nyavartata—dropped floating in the air; asṛk—of blood; srutibhiḥ—by particles; pariplutāt—because of being widely sprinkled.


Because of the impact on the ground of the legs of the demons and demigods and the wheels of the chariots, particles of dust flew violently into the sky and made a dust cloud that covered all directions of outer space, as far as the sun. But when the particles of dust were followed by drops of blood being sprinkled all over space, the dust cloud could no longer float in the sky.

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