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SB 7.5.49

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


jitaṁ tvayaikena jagat-trayaṁ bhruvor
na tasya cintyaṁ tava nātha cakṣvahe
na vai śiśūnāṁ guṇa-doṣayoḥ padam


jitam—conquered; tvayā—by you; ekena—alone; jagat-trayam—the three worlds; bhruvoḥ—of the eyebrows; vijṛmbhaṇa—by the expanding; trasta—become afraid; samasta—all; dhiṣṇyapam—the chief persons in every planet; na—not; tasya—from him; cintyam—to be anxious; tava—of you; nātha—O master; cakṣvahe—we find; na—nor; vai—indeed; śiśūnām—of children; guṇa-doṣayoḥ—of a good quality or fault; padam—the subject matter.


O lord, we know that when you simply move your eyebrows, all the commanders of the various planets are most afraid. Without the help of any assistant, you have conquered all the three worlds. Therefore, we do not find any reason for you to be morose and full of anxiety. As for Prahlāda, he is nothing but a child and cannot be a cause of anxiety. After all, his bad or good qualities have no value.

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