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SB 7.3.3

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


jaṭā-dīdhitibhī reje
saṁvartārka ivāṁśubhiḥ
tasmiṁs tapas tapyamāne
devāḥ sthānāni bhejire


jaṭā-dīdhitibhiḥ—by the effulgence of the hair on his head; reje—was shining; saṁvarta-arkaḥ—the sun at the time of destruction; iva—like; aṁśubhiḥ—by the beams; tasmin—when he (Hiraṇyakaśipu); tapaḥ—austerities; tapyamāne—was engaged in; devāḥ—all the demigods who were wandering throughout the universe to see Hiraṇyakaśipu's demoniac activities; sthānāni—to their own places; bhejire—returned.


From the hair on Hiraṇyakaśipu's head there emanated an effulgent light as brilliant and intolerable as the rays of the sun at the time of dissolution. Seeing the performance of such austere penances, the demigods, who had been wandering throughout the planets, now returned to their respective homes.

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