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SB 7.15.54

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


agniḥ sūryo divā prāhṇaḥ
śuklo rākottaraṁ sva-rāṭ
viśvo 'tha taijasaḥ prājñas
turya ātmā samanvayāt


agniḥ—fire; sūryaḥ—sun; divā—day; prāhṇaḥ—the end of the day; śuklaḥ—the bright fortnight of the moon; rāka—the full moon at the end of the śukla-pakṣa; uttaram—the period when the sun passes to the north; sva-rāṭ—the Supreme Brahman or Lord Brahmā; viśvaḥ—gross designation; atha—Brahmaloka, the ultimate in material enjoyment; taijasaḥ—subtle designation; prājñaḥ—the witness in the causal designation; turyaḥ—transcendental; ātmā—the soul; samanvayāt—as a natural consequence.


On his path of ascent, the progressive living entity enters the different worlds of fire, the sun, the day, the end of the day, the bright fortnight, the full moon, and the passing of the sun in the north, along with their presiding demigods. When he enters Brahmaloka, he enjoys life for many millions of years, and finally his material designation comes to an end. He then comes to a subtle designation, from which he attains the causal designation, witnessing all previous states. Upon the annihilation of this causal state, he attains his pure state, in which he identifies with the Supersoul. In this way the living entity becomes transcendental.

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