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SB 7.12.5

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


sāyaṁ prātaś cared bhaikṣyaṁ
gurave tan nivedayet
bhuñjīta yady anujñāto
no ced upavaset kvacit


sāyam—in the evening; prātaḥ—in the morning; caret—should go out; bhaikṣyam—to collect alms; gurave—unto the spiritual master; tat—all that he collects; nivedayet—should offer; bhuñjīta—he should eat; yadi—if; anujñātaḥ—ordered (by the spiritual master); no—otherwise; cet—if; upavaset—should observe fasting; kvacit—sometimes.


The brahmacārī should go out morning and evening to collect alms, and he should offer all that he collects to the spiritual master. He should eat only if ordered to take food by the spiritual master; otherwise, if the spiritual master does not give this order, he may sometimes have to fast.

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