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SB 7.12.19

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


vanyaiś caru-puroḍāśān
nirvapet kāla-coditān
labdhe nave nave 'nnādye
purāṇaṁ ca parityajet


vanyaiḥ—by fruits and grains produced in the forest without cultivation; caru—grains to be offered in a fire sacrifice; puroḍāśān—the cakes prepared from caru; nirvapet—one should execute; kāla-coditān—that which has grown naturally; labdhe—on obtaining; nave—new; nave anna-ādye—newly produced food grains; purāṇam—the stock of old grains; ca—and; parityajet—one should give up.


A vānaprastha should prepare cakes to be offered in sacrifice from fruits and grains grown naturally in the forest. When he obtains some new grains, he should give up his old stock of grains.

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