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SB 7.11.22

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


śauryaṁ vīryaṁ dhṛtis tejas
tyāgaś cātmajayaḥ kṣamā
brahmaṇyatā prasādaś ca
satyaṁ ca kṣatra-lakṣaṇam


śauryam—power in battle; vīryam—being unconquerable; dhṛtiḥ—patience (even in reverses, a kṣatriya is very grave); tejaḥ—ability to defeat others; tyāgaḥ—giving charity; ca—and; ātma-jayaḥ—not being overwhelmed by bodily necessities; kṣamā—forgiveness; brahmaṇyatā—faithfulness to the brahminical principles; prasādaḥ—jolliness in any condition of life; ca—and; satyam ca—and truthfulness; kṣatra-lakṣaṇam—these are the symptoms of a kṣatriya.


To be influential in battle, unconquerable, patient, challenging and charitable, to control the bodily necessities, to be forgiving, to be attached to the brahminical nature and to be always jolly and truthful—these are the symptoms of the kṣatriya.

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