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SB 6.18.76

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


tad idaṁ mama daurjanyaṁ
bāliśasya mahīyasi
kṣantum arhasi mātas tvaṁ
diṣṭyā garbho mṛtotthitaḥ


tat—that; idam—this; mama—of me; daurjanyam—evil deed; bāliśasya—a fool; mahīyasi—O best of women; kṣantum arhasi—please excuse; mātaḥ—O mother; tvam—you; diṣṭyā—by fortune; garbhaḥ—the child within the womb; mṛta—killed; utthitaḥ—became alive.


O my mother, O best of all women, I am a fool. Kindly excuse me for whatever offenses I have committed. Your forty-nine sons have been born unhurt because of your devotional service. As an enemy, I cut them to pieces, but because of your great devotional service they did not die.

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