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SB 6.17.8

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


prāyaśaḥ prākṛtāś cāpi
striyaṁ rahasi bibhrati
ayaṁ mahā-vrata-dharo
bibharti sadasi striyam


prāyaśaḥ—generally; prākṛtāḥ—conditioned souls; ca—also; api—although; striyam—a woman; rahasi—in a solitary place; bibhrati—embrace; ayam—this (Lord Śiva); mahā-vrata-dharaḥ—the master of great vows and austerities; bibharti—enjoys; sadasi—in an assembly of great saintly persons; striyam—his wife.


Ordinary conditioned persons generally embrace their wives and enjoy their company in solitary places. How wonderful it is that Lord Mahādeva, although a great master of austerity, is embracing his wife openly in the midst of an assembly of great saints.


The word mahā-vrata-dharaḥ indicates a brahmacārī who has never fallen down. Lord Śiva is counted among the best of yogīs, yet he embraced his wife in the midst of great saintly persons. Citraketu appreciated how great Lord Śiva was to be unaffected even in that situation. Therefore Citraketu was not an offender; he merely expressed his wonder.

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