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SB 6.17.22

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


na tasya kaścid dayitaḥ pratīpo
na jñāti-bandhur na paro na ca svaḥ
samasya sarvatra nirañjanasya
sukhe na rāgaḥ kuta eva roṣaḥ


na — not; tasya — of Him (the Supreme Lord); kaścit — anyone; dayitaḥ — dear; pratīpaḥ — not dear; na — nor; jñāti — kinsman; bandhuḥ — friend; na — nor; paraḥ — other; na — nor; ca — also; svaḥ — own; samasya — who is equal; sarvatra — everywhere; nirañjanasya — without being affected by material nature; sukhe — in happiness; na — not; rāgaḥ — attachment; kutaḥ — from where; eva — indeed; roṣaḥ — anger.


The Supreme Personality of Godhead is equally disposed toward all living entities. Therefore no one is very dear to Him, and no one is a great enemy for Him; no one is His friend, and no one is His relative. Being unattached to the material world, He has no affection for so-called happiness or hatred for so-called distress. The two terms happiness and distress are relative. Since the Lord is always happy, for Him there is no question of distress.

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