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SB 6.11.15

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


yo no 'grajasyātma-vido dvijāter
guror apāpasya ca dīkṣitasya
viśrabhya khaḍgena śirāṁsy avṛścat
paśor ivākaruṇaḥ svarga-kāmaḥ


yaḥ—he who; naḥ—our; agra-jasya—of the elder brother; ātma-vidaḥ—who was fully self-realized; dvi-jāteḥ—a qualified brāhmaṇa; guroḥ—your spiritual master; apāpasya—free from all sinful activities; ca—also; dīkṣitasya—appointed as the initiator of your yajña; viśrabhya—trustfully; khaḍgena—by your sword; śirāṁsi—the heads; avṛścat—cut off; paśoḥ—of an animal; iva—like; akaruṇaḥ—merciless; svarga-kāmaḥ—desiring the heavenly planets.


Only for the sake of living in the heavenly planets, you killed my elder brother—a self-realized, sinless, qualified brāhmaṇa who had been appointed your chief priest. He was your spiritual master, but although you entrusted him with the performance of your sacrifice, you later mercilessly severed his heads from his body the way one butchers an animal.

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