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SB 6.1.61

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


dṛṣṭvā tāṁ kāma-liptena
bāhunā parirambhitām
jagāma hṛc-chaya-vaśaṁ
sahasaiva vimohitaḥ


dṛṣṭvā—by seeing; tām—her (the prostitute); kāma-liptena—decorated with turmeric to incite lusty desires; bāhunā—with the arm; parirambhitām—embraced; jagāma—went; hṛt-śaya—of lusty desires within the heart; vaśam—under the control; sahasā—suddenly; eva—indeed; vimohitaḥ—being illusioned.


The śūdra, his arm decorated with turmeric powder, was embracing the prostitute. When Ajāmila saw her, the dormant lusty desires in his heart awakened, and in illusion he fell under their control.


It is said that if one's body is smeared with turmeric, it attracts the lusty desires of the opposite sex. The word kāma-liptena indicates that the śūdra was decorated with turmeric smeared on his body.

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