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SB 5.8.5

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


tasyā utpatantyā antarvatnyā uru-bhayāvagalito
yoni-nirgato garbhaḥ srotasi nipapāta


tasyāḥ — of it; utpatantyāḥ — forcefully jumping up; antarvatnyāḥ — having a full womb; uru-bhaya — due to great fear; avagalitaḥ — having slipped out; yoni-nirgataḥ — coming out of the womb; garbhaḥ — the offspring; srotasi — in the flowing water; nipapāta — fell down.


The doe was pregnant, and when it jumped out of fear, the baby deer fell from its womb into the flowing waters of the river.


There is every chance of a woman's having a miscarriage if she experiences some ecstatic emotion or is frightened. Pregnant women should therefore be spared all these external influences.

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